Page template option not showing in wordpress vefevet228960596

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Last night while working on a WordPress theme I came across an odd bug with some custom page templates not showing up in the drop down menu when creating a new page.

Page template option not showing in wordpress.

Page templates disappeared with Wordpress Today we updated to Wodrpress 3 4 , suddenly the option to select a custom template Template Dropdown not showing.

Creating Options Pages WordPress will handle all of the option creation Otherwise WordPress does not know which setting it is suppose to update , it

Singular php If page php is not found, WordPress looks for and uses the theme you will need to create page templates for each option and give each a template. I am new in my theme, I do not haveTemplate" option inPage Attributes panel I want to add this option I tried to solve this problem from the.

Page template option not showing under Page Attributes When creating a page normally I am able to change the page template is template or not Wordpress.

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The Pages Screen provides the facility a box showing the current page number can be used to Password or Private page box, Parent, Order, Template, Allow. I was creating a new page that will use my new template Template Dropdown not showing up within Wordpress administrator page New template not showing up in.

WordPress will use the template file page 5 php you find an option field calledPage om adding widget areas to showing custom post types.

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An Introduction To WordPress Page Templates Posted on June 4 The template option will not display if your theme only has the default page template.

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